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ITCC Statement of Clarity from the ISA Board

16 Dec 2012 10:00 PM | Anonymous
The ISA Board has been working with the International Tree Climbing Championships (ITCC) Committee to clarify various statements made by the ITCC Committee and/or any of the subcommittees working under it. Specifically, we wish to clarify that all ITCC qualifying events must comply with all rules printed in the most current ITCC Rule Book and any addendums sent out by the ITCC Committee relating to rule changes and equipment use. Rules changes are sent to component ITCC liaisons first for review and comment, and following that, the committee meets and reviews that feedback prior to making final decisions. The final decisions of the committee and any addendums are posted on the ITCC website at All rule changes are also introduced and reviewed prior to the ITCC Championship with judges, technicians, and competitors.

If a competition has been held where there is evidence these rules were not followed, there will be an investigation that may lead to climber disqualification if the violation is deemed negligent by the Board. The rules are in place to allow for a fair and equitable competition and also to manage the risk associated with holding tree climbing championships.

The intent is not to be punitive; however, there is adequate opportunity for climbers, judges, and technicians to learn and understand these rules before a competition is held. The ITCC Committee also provides opportunity for climbers, judges, and technicians to suggest changes to the rules and format of the competition. ISA is an international organization influenced by multiple safety standards for the industry. The committee reviews recommendations based on compliance with these standards. This can take some time as consensus must be reached, and in keeping with a culture of safety, the decisions are made only when all are comfortable with the results.

The ITCC Committee has been established by the ISA Board to provide guidance and oversight for this program. We appreciate and support their ongoing efforts to see that these events are run well and managed in compliance with industry safety standards and competition rules and regulations.

If you have any questions about equipment or rules, the ITCC Committee can be contacted online via the ISA ITCC website. Or feel free to contact Sonia Garth ( at the ISA office to purchase rule books or to ask for assistance.

Thank you.

Jim Skiera

ISA Executive Director
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